Luxury Designer Genuine Real Nappa Leather Bucket Bag in Taupe With Elegant Roses

Luxury Designer Genuine Real Nappa Leather Bucket Bag in Taupe With Elegant Roses


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There's something about this luxury designer 100% genuine leather taupe handbag with elegant roses bucket bag that just oozes creativity, and paired with your unique fashion style, this bag will be a hit.

Our genuine, handmade leather bucket bag is one of a kind, from the strap type down to the thread color. These are created each component by hand and assembled as a custom, handmade leather bucket bag in our dedicated bespoke facility.

We use the best quality genuine leather materials and advanced printing techniques to create a gorgeous printed bucket bag that will look even better over time.

• 100% Nappa leather

• Grab strap

• Unique drawstring closure

• Measures 10" x 9.1" x 4.3"

• Handmade to order

  • Genuine Nappa leather
  • Leather drawstring pull closure
  • Luxurious faux suede lined inner
  • Measures 10" x 9.1" x 4.3"
  • Handcrafted to order

Care instructions

To ensure the leather print on your product is as durable as possible, we’ve worked hard refining our printing process and craftsmanship. As leather has a naturally textured surface you may notice small surface differences, common to natural leather and the printing. All leathers age naturally according to usage, and this can cause the print to wrinkle or fade slightly over time. It is possible the base color may show through the leather as it ages with wear. When not in use we recommend storing your product in a protective dust bag or box to keep your product looking its best.

• Avoid prolonged exposure to extreme heat, sunlight, water, and chemical cleaners to maintain a bright and long-lasting print.

• Avoid contact with light colored fabrics or upholstery as the color may transfer.

• While a light rain shower is unlikely to harm, we recommend protecting from rain. Should your product get wet, allow to dry naturally away from direct heat.

• To clean surface wipe only with a damp lint free cotton cloth.

  • Wipe with a lint free cloth

  • Do Not Wash

  • Avoid high temperatures

  • Avoid direct sunlight

  • Avoid rain and water

  • Avoid chemical cleaners

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